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Our Mission

MegaDSP’s dedicated mission is to provide a top shelf one-stop-shop for advertisers, brands, and affiliates.

We wanted to create a platform that combines technology with massive, combined experience within the AdTech industry.


Ideas That Drives Us

Look at us as your private tailor as we strive to tailor make strategies for your campaigns. Our goal is to help your campaigns to perform optimally in the complex marketing ecosystem

How Do We Help You Grow

Premium Supply Platform

Reach a global audience with our direct, high-quality supply partners. Worldwide Geos, all available carriers and Keyword targeted campaigns.

Maverick In-House Fraud Scanner

Aggressive ad fraud detection & prevention systems effectively hunt malicious activities and remove them.

Cross-Channel Advertising

Stop limiting yourself to just one form of advertising. Join PubMagent and spread your message via multiple channels across the globe

Advanced tools

Innovation is always within  reach when there are no ready made solutions available. With Source Vision, you are at the forefront of innovation and technology ideas