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Attract sources that convert

MegaDSP connects advertisers to some of the best publishers around the globe. Our cutting-edge Smart Data Analysis technology takes your campaigns to the next level, keeping you one step ahead of your competitors at all times!

Introducing The smarter advertising Revolution

Mega Match Algorithm

Our vast, combined experience over many years, working closely with direct advertisers and publishers led us to develop our Super Match Algorithm. Your super tool for specifically targeted results.

we keep you safe with fraud protection

Fraud Protection

Our proactive Ad Fraud Detection & Prevention technology aggressively hunts for any malicious activities and destroys potential threat. Your ads are seen by real people only.

targeting options

MegaDSP provides Intelligent Solutions for sophisticated, seamless buying
and selling across multi- channel devices 


Target a global audience


Choose from a wide variety of the most popular browsers


Choose from a universal list of Carriers to reach with your campaigns. Ability to target per-country.


Device targeting offers the ability to reach users on any device - From desktop to tablets to smartphones


Target people using specific desktop and mobile operating systems


Create keyword lists relevant to your campaign so your ads will appear only on sites containing these keywords

Effective Ad Types

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