Push Notification – Engagement Becomes Easier

Push notifications are the key to mobile app success.

By Gilad Goldstein

In a mobile landscape where millions of apps compete in app stores and user expectations are ever-increasing, retention is one of the biggest challenges for apps.

In turn, deliberate and effective re-engagement campaigns have become exceptionally important for boosting retention, as well as revenue. Enter push notifications, an essential tool in the marketing automation tech stack. Their intimacy and ability to reach users with little limitations make re-engaging users more direct and powerful.

One major benefit of a push notification, especially in relation to paid retargeting, is that they are extremely cost-effective, producing high payoffs at a fraction of the cost of other methods.

This is especially true when paired with deep linking technology, which enables mobile users to be redirected to a specific page on a website or inside an app in a seamless journey.

Deep linking allows specific content to be synced across multiple user contexts, which means an unbroken journey from the push notification to desired conversion action within the app. Because of push notifications’ powerful attention-grabbing abilities, publishers can send brief messages to their users for targeted re-engagement at an extremely low cost.

“Did you know that sending push notifications can boost app engagement upto 88% whereas 65% of users return to an app within 30 days when push is enabled.”

Incorporating images in messaging can grab users’ attention and give them more context about the message more quickly than text. “A picture is worth a thousand words”! Based on our team’s analysis of push notification statistics, messages that were sent with images had a 9% higher click-through rate than those sent without images.


Key push notification statistics 2019:  1. Average US smartphone user receives 46 app push notifications per day.  2. 40% of web push notification senders belong to either the ecommerce or media, publishing & blogging sectors.  3. Opt-in rates are much higher on Android devices (91.1%) than iOS (43.9%); users for the latter have to actively opt-in, while the former are automatically enrolled, says Accengage.  4. Localytics peg overall opt-in rate at 53.3%  5. 7% push reaction rate on Android devices; 4.9% on iOS (Accengage).  6. CleverTap find CTR of 4.1% on Android, and 1.7% on iOS.  7. Highest push reaction rate of 8.4% occurs on Tuesday.  8. Emojis (20%), rich formats (25%), tailored send times (40%), advanced targeting (threefold), and personalisation (fourfold) can all improve reaction rates (Accengage).  9. CleverTap stats show basic personalisation can improve open rates by 9%, as can emojis (4.94% CTR compared to 3.01%).  10. Localytics find app retention rate (11+ sessions) stand at 39% if push notifications are targeted, compared to 21% for broadcast messages.  11. Only 8% of marketers use rich push notifications, one source claims.  12. VWO Engage find that 38% of push notifications are rich format.  13. One weekly push notification per week can lead to 10% of users.

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