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See what makes MegaDSP So Special

key Features

Create and master powerful ad campaigns with MegaDSP optimized smart traffic 

Sophisticated Targeting Options

Target your audience by geo, device type, connection type, browser version, OS version, mobile carrier, domain or specific keywords

Advanced Anti-Fraud Solutions

Aggressive ad fraud detection & prevention systems effectively hunt malicious activities and remove them

Multiple Campaign Types

Reach your audience everywhere! Worldwide Geos, all available carriers and Keyword targeted campaigns

Super Match Algorithm

The world's most advanced SUPER MATCH algorithm for advertisers and publishers

Fast Campaign Approval

Start boosting your ads in no time due to our fast campaign approval process

Measure and Control

Control your revenues with technology that ensures ongoing results

Ad Formats


Push Ads are delivered directly to users’ desktop computer, laptop or mobile device in the form of a push notification or, in the case of In-Page Push Ads, will be displayed on websites browsed on any device.

Cost Model: CPC

Hottest Verticals: Gaming, Crypto, Dating, Finance


Pops are a full-screen ad format activated by websites. They are seen as a new window (desktop) or tab (mobile) on top of the currently viewed tab or in the background.

Cost Model: CPC

Hottest Verticals: Streaming, Mobile Apps, e-Commerce


Recommended content on a web page. Native ads don’t really look like ads, they look like part of the editorial flow of the page. This exposes the reader to advertising content without sticking out like a sore thumb.

Cost Model: CPm

Hottest Verticals: Lead generation, Finance, Education, e-Commerce

Domain Parking

Domain Parking comes from users typing in unused, (parked) domain names in the address bar of a browser. These users are redirected to your full-screen ad – either a landing page or an offer.

Cost Model: CPC

Hottest Verticals: Lead generation

Fraud Protection

We believe that robust security is the most essential pieces of the puzzle when it comes to online business.

Our aggressive ad fraud detection & prevention systems effectively hunt malicious activities and remove these threats so your ads are viewed only by real people.

We prevent and block almost any type of fraud: bots and fraudsters either cannot see and click the ad. Our system automatically revokes this impression, click or conversion.

Mega DSP's All-Knowing Robot

Mega DSP’s source Robot will check your campaign targeting in just 5 minutes and adjust all the relevant traffic sources to match perfectly to your specific offers!

All you need to do is insert your custom targeting parameters, like Vertical, Geo, Browser and Keywords and in 5 minutes we will send you all the sources to help to do wonders for your campaign revenue